Movement is medicine for our bodies and minds. Join a challenge, move more, have fun, feel great. Try it now

Take a Moment to Move

Sitting is really bad for us. As well as aches and pains, prolonged sitting is linked to a huge range of chronic health conditions. If you have a desk-based job, you could be spending 12 hours a day sitting down.

But, you can minimize the risk of harm by simply moving more; easy, quick, unobtrusive, but regular movements during your working day.

man in pain working at his kitchen table

We’ll Give You the Nudge

Moments2Move sits in a browser sends you a notification every 30 minutes with a suggested exercise or ‘Move’ as we call them.

Each Move has a points value equal to the duration x the difficulty. Some Moves last 30- 40 seconds, but you can choose longer Moves. We’ll help you keep track against your target of 11 minutes (660 seconds) a day.

Try One Now!

Each Move has a video, just follow the instructions in the subtitles.

This is the seated Cat Cow. You can do it at your desk, between tasks or whilst on a conference call.

You can fix almost everything by turning it off and back on again, and if you suffer from a sore back from sitting too long, this Move is the physical equivalent!

You Choose the Moves

Moves are organised into Collections. There’s a collection for everyone and every goal.

Some are sitting-only, some are designed to train strength or core stability and some focus on eye heath or breathing. You can favourite the Moves you want, and unfavourite the Moves you don’t!

You can preview Moves without logging in then take advantage of a 7 day free trial. We don’t ask for your credit card until you are happy.

Join the Movements2Move Community

Our mission is to get people moving more throughout the working day. But let’s face it, most exercise regimes fail because… well, nobody likes exercise! So, we make the experience engaging by:

  • Showing your progress towards an achievable daily goal
  • Join a Challenge with friends and colleagues
  • Giving you the choice of Moves to meet your goals
  • Making it easy to find or invite friends and colleagues that can support each other

Join a Challenge

People love Challenges. They are fun and build community. If you wanted to, you could create a prize.

There’s a Challenge for everyone from physical challenges like doing planks and fun ones too like learning a dance routine – it’s great exercise and puts a smile on your face too!

Let’s Get Started

It’s easy! Many of the exercises can be done whilst sitting down, so you don’t need to interrupt what you’re doing and you can create your own ‘menu’ of movements.

You can create or join a Group (with co-workers or friends) to support each other. We’ll keep you on track with nudges and helpful advice.

Movements2Move for Business

The Coronavirus pandemic has pushed much of the workforce away from the office and to the home where the safeguards you have in the office no longer exist.

Therefore, the risk of harm to your colleagues has risen. When- and if- they return to the office, you can make sure they stay fit and healthy by encouraging them to take moments to move throughout their day.

Talk with us about how we can support your business.