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Challenges work best when you follow these simple steps;
- Protect some time for your health and well-being by putting some time into your calendar, now!
- It's always more fun with friends, so invite them
- It's even more fun together, so why not create a zoom meeting?
- It's not a test. If you're doing an exercise you're not used to, skip a day, take care of yourself and most of all, enjoy it!

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Getting Started Challenge

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For this Challenge, you simply need to complete the action and tick it off, that's it!

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  • Click on the red circle with the white bell in the bottom right hand corner of the screen. This turns notifications on and off. If you prefer to do lots of small, discreat movements throughout the day rather than a Challenge, these notifications are essential.
  • Click on Collections, then Moments2Move Team Favorites then choose any of the Moves and add it to your favorites by clicking on the blue Favorite button. The notifications will only nudge you to do a Favorited Move
  • Click on Favorites to see that Move, then click on the title, then play the video and copy the movement. When you’ve done it, click the pink button to claim your Gems
  • The page refreshes to you Dashboard. You can see you daily progress against you target. In the centre there’s a social stream. Add a comment or perhaps click on Gif and search for fun gif
  • Next click on Challenges on the top menu, the browse through the Challenges and Join one
  • Now, click on Groups in the top menu and join or leave a Group
  • Next, we want you to Create a new Group and add one or more friends. If you don't yet have a friend on the site, add Hester Allen, the founder of Moments2Move

Daily Movements

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Your first Challenge (if you choose to accept it) is to complete these steps to set up your Moments2Move. In return, you'll be awarded with your first badge - the Power User badge.

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Daily Yoga Challenge Master


Well done for completing the Desk Yoga Challenge. You rock!

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