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Do you have a passion for helping people improve their lives through health and fitness?

Are you a
– Fitness trainer?
– Physio?
– Gym owner?
– Yoga or Pilates teacher?

If you are, you’ll know that whatever you do for your clients when you see them, they’ll benefit hugely by adopting the habit of moving more – whether that’s mobilizing joints of muscles to overcome an injury, increasing their flexibility or simply burning calories whilst working their sedentary job.

Perhaps you’re responsible for wellness in your workplace and want to make sure your employees stay safe and injury free (which is especially hard now many of us are working from home)?

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

Or perhaps you’re just a group of friends that are up for supporting each other’s health goals whilst having some fun (and some healthy competition)?

It’s all in the nudge! 

Moments2Move nudges people to move every 30 minutes and gives them an idea for a movement to follow. We make it fun and engaging by keeping people focussed on the goal: regular movements.

Become a contributor

You just need to send us a collection of movements each with a title, some instructions and a video and whether you want to also create a Challenge (or Challenges). That’s it.

If you’re a professional, you can charge for the Collection. We will give you a discount code so you can gift it for free to your clients but any revenue from other Moments2Move community members that want your Collection, we’ll share 50/50.* So, it’s an added value offer for your clients – you can coach them while they’re at work, it’s good for your them, and a great client outreach tool bringing you more revenue.

If it’s just for fun, or part of a workplace health and well-being initiative, then make a Collection with your colleagues. Even better, get the leadership team to take part – it’s easy for businesses to say they care about their employees health and well-being, but it’s another thing for them to lead by example and actually take part – even better, get them to film themselves doing to Moves they want their teams to follow!

Let’s get moving together

Reach out to us to say hi, and we’ll come straight back to you.