Movements2Move for Business

Movement is medicine for the
body and mind,
let’s move more together

Welcome to Moments2Move. Our mission is simple: to improve people’s health by getting them moving, one nudge at a time.

If you’ve landed on this page, the chances are you’re involved in employee well-being or you’re a manager and want to improve the well-being of you team, so you’ll have an idea of the opportunity in productivity, retention and reduced sickness by looking after your people better. We believe that movement is medicine for our bodies and mind, and we want to help include movement into each and every day at work.

Moments2Move can be used in two ways;


People love challenges, so they are a great way to boost engagement.

There’s a Challenge for everyone from physical ones like the plank challenge that can be done in less than a minute to a 7-minute yoga challenge to activities that promote good mental well-being.

Challenges aren’t just about movement. They connect people and give an opportunity to meet and talk about things other than work. Learning and sharing bonds teams together. We’d even encourage you to encourage your people to diarize time to participate together – it’s always more fun together.

Challenges can take anywhere from one to 10 minutes, and they can join and leave whenever they wish.


For some people, they’d rather choose the ‘little and often’ approach. You can turn on notifications which a ‘nudge’ in the form of a browser alert every 30 minutes.

We have dozens of movements organised in Collections. There’s a collection for sitting or standing moves, or a collection for certain parts of the body. There’s even a collection for eye health which encourages you to look away from your computer and into the distance.

There are also collections of breathing exercises. Learning to control your breathing can have a profound impact on controlling stress and anxiety.

But, we know that having the best intentions to move more throughout the day….and actually doing it are two different things, so we support people by;

  • Making it fun. Of course, fun is subjective – the Plank Challenge is fun for some and hell for others so there are Moves and Challenges for everyone
  • Giving a simple, achievable target of 11 minutes a day. That could be made up with 11 sixty second Moves throughout the day, or for instance, 2 yoga sessions
  • Sending timely nudges and encouragement to keep up the habit
  • Rewarding people with a virtual currency called Moments2Move Gems
  • Helping connect people to support each other – not only is it a basic human need, we know that our chances of success go up when we make a public declaration to achieve something so we allow people to create and join Groups, each of which has a leaderboard

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