Course Category: Breathing

  • Relax and Revive

    These are a perfect medicine for your mind and soul. Find a comfortable place like a reclining chair or even on the floor and press play. We would strongly recommend that to use one of the Breathing Exercise Collections to help you empty your mind of the stress and strains of your day.
    by Cecelia Points Points Between 40 - 180Challenge 10 Days

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  • Take Control of Your Breathing

    Breathing exercises are the most powerful tool against the stresses of modern life. If you're sitting here reading this at your computer, there's every chance that you've been bombarded with sights, sounds, requests, streams of information: we literally overload our senses all day every day.  Learning and making time to practice deliberate, mindful breathing can be life-changing!
    by Hester J Allen Points Between 30-300

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  • …..And Breathe!

    The 4,7,8 breathing method is more challenging method, but if you start with the 2 minutes and work up it's amazing. If you ever have trouble sleeping or even just disconnecting the thoughts in your brain, this is a great exercise to help you relax.
    by Hester J Allen Points Between 60-300

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