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  • Floss Like a Boss

    The Floss like a Boss Challenge is a brilliant antidote to sitting all day. It's the most fun way of activating the shoulders, arms, hips and legs. The Challenge will take you through learning how to floss and gradually speed up so you'll put your children (or grandchildren) to shame! Exercise is soooo much easier when it's joyful, and this is soooo joyful. Let's see how fast you can get!
    by Ellie-Rose Griffiths Points Between 40-180Challenge 5 Days

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  • The Plank Challenge

    This is an old favourite: the plank. Love it or loath it, it's an amazing exercise. This Challenge will guide you through the correct technique, then a 60 second and if you're up for it, a 90 second plank with variations.
    by Dailec Hernandez
    4 Lessonsin
    Points between 180-270Challenge 10 Days

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  • The Wall Sit Challenge

    The wall sit is a great lower body exercise that can be performed at home or in the office with just a few minutes of downtime - all you need is a wall! This challenge will take you from your first 30 seconds or less to minutes and include some fun variations.
    by Bruno Arauj Points Between 180-220Challenge 10 Days

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  • Zoom Flash Dance

    This is a firm favourite - it's brilliant fun, great exercise and if you run it as a flash dance on Zoom, it's the most fun. You'll learn the dance moves from the amazing Ellie so you can put them all together to the song Honest Mary. Dancing is fantastic exercise anyway, but learning a new dance routine is also great for your mental well-being. Go on, try it!
    by Ellie-Rose Griffiths
    4 Lessonsin
    Points Between 120-600Challenge 5 Days

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  • Getting Started

    We have to start let's at least get started with this challenge to set-up your account. You will get 30 Gems for completing it.
    by Siobhan
    0 Lessonsin
    Points 30 Community GemsChallenge 1 Days
  • Lunchtime walking club

    You deserve a lunchtime break - we all deserve a lunchtime break, so let's use that time wisely and move our bodies, smell the air, get some natural daylight.
    by Mike_Allen
    4 Lessonsin
    Points Between 200-400Challenge 10 Days
  • HiiT It!

    Did you know just 2 minutes of High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is as good as 30 minutes of moderate exercise? These HIIT workouts will boost your energy, brainpower, fitness and your mood.They’re tough, but you’ll love the knowledge that after you’ve rocked a killer workout, you can enjoy the rest of your day.
    by Dailec Hernandez Points Between 120-600Challenge 15 Days
  • Desk Yoga Challenge

    Here is a fantastic 7-minute yoga session led by the amazing Liv. It's a great start to your day in fact, we'd even suggest you add an appointment in your calendar! It's all done on or around your office chair.
    by Hester J Allen
    2 Lessonsin
    Points Between 150-400Challenge 21 Days

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  • Relax and Revive

    These are a perfect medicine for your mind and soul. Find a comfortable place like a reclining chair or even on the floor and press play. We would strongly recommend that to use one of the Breathing Exercise Collections to help you empty your mind of the stress and strains of your day.
    by Cecelia Points Points Between 40 - 180Challenge 10 Days

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