Eye Health

Many of spend our days looking at a computer screen. When we take breaks from work, we stare at a smaller screen in our hand, then in the evening, a TV screen. This is terrible for our eye health.

The ciliary muscles contract, and this changes the shape of your lens from flat to round. You can fix that by looking into the distance. When you do that, the ciliary muscles relax, and the suspensory ligaments keep the lens flat and more flexible.

This Collection nudges you to look away from the screen in front of you and to focus your eyes on something in the distance. It’s recommended that you do this for 10-12 minutes a day to improve eye health.


1 minute Eye Health Move

If you spend all day looking at a computer screen, this is an essential exercise to relax your eyes. You should aim for 10 minutes throughout the day for optimum eye health. This is a 1 minute Move.

1 minute Eye Health Move


Length: 1 minutesAuthor: Nathan AllenDifficulty: Easy

2 minute Eye Health Move

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2 minute Eye Health Move

Length: 2 minutesAuthor: Nathan AllenDifficulty: Easy

Points Between 30-60