Take a Moment to Move

Sitting is really bad for us. It’s linked to a huge range of chronic health conditions, aches and pains- and if you have a desk-based job, you could be spending 12 hours a day sitting down.

But, you can minimise the risk of harm by simply moving more; easy, quick, unobtrusive, but regular movements during your working day.

Just 11 minutes

It just takes 11 minutes – 660 seconds. That’s it.

We’ll help you keep track. Each move is measured in seconds – the average move being 30- 40 seconds.

Or if you missed a few, you can follow longer routines of Moves to catch-up.

When you complete a move, click the button so we can help you keep track.

Taking a moment to move feels great!

Try one now:
1. Interlock your fingers together in front of you

2. Turn your hands so your palms are pointing away from you and take a deep breath in

4. Slowly exhale, and as you do, push your hands away from your body as far as you can so your arms are straight and hold for five seconds

You’ll feel the stretch across your back and shoulders. It feels great, doesn’t it?

And that’s the core idea of Moments2Move – we’ll just nudge users to do a similar exercise every 30 minutes.


You choose the Moves




insert animation of a desktop and browser alert

You can use Moments 2 Move for free. It’s sits in a browser window and nudges you with an alert and a suggested exercise or ‘Move’ as we call them every 30 minutes.

Moves are organized into Collections; they could be Moves that can be done when sitting or standing, Moves that increase strength or core stability or breathing.

You then Favourite the Moves you want, and un-favourite the ones you don’t.

You can buy new Collections or subscribe to one of our plans.

Join the Movements2Move Community

  • Join or make and invite friends and colleagues to a Group
  • Each Group has a leaderboard if that’s your thing
  • There are Moves for everyone and every goal
  • The difficulty of moves can be increased with the use of resistance bands

Let's get started

It’s easy! Many of the exercises can be done whilst sitting down so you don’t need to interrupt what you’re doing and you can create your own ‘menu’ of movements.

You can create or join a Group (with co-workers or friends) to support each other. We’ll keep you on track with nudges and helpful advice.

Movements2Move for business

The Coronavirus pandemic has pushed much of the workforce away from the office and to the home where the safeguards you have in the office no longer exist.

The risks of harm to your colleagues therefore has risen and when and if they come back to office you can make sure they are fit and healthy by encouraging them to take moments to move part of their day.

Talk to us about how we can support your business.