Does your workforce sit down all day at work?

If the answer is yes, you probably know prolonged sitting is REALLY bad for our health and wellbeing

– When we sit, we’re not burning calories
– Sitting is closely linked to diseases like diabetes, hypertension and high cholesterol
– Then there’s the ‘mechanical’ conditions; neck, back, shoulder pain, swollen ankles, heel pain…the list goes on

– Mental health is also impacted by prolonged sitting

And home working can make these worse!

– There’s no commute or meetings to walk to and from
– We’re much more likely to be on back to back Zoom calls
– They’re less likely to be sitting on a high quality chair at an appropriate height desk
– The risk of burnout is, unfortunately much higher

BUT, Movement is Medicine

Join Moments2Move and you’ll get regular nudges to move throughout the day, fun challenges to join and a simple way to track and reward people for joining in and supporting others.



– Feel better
– Finish the day with more, not less energy!
– Burn calories whilst you work
– Reduce the chances of injuries and pain
– Improve your concentration and mood
– Take part in Challenges with your friends and colleagues

There’s two ways to use Moments2Move

Little, but often

Turn on the notifications (the little red bell in the bottom right) and it’ll nudge you every 30 minutes with a functional movement to do. Simply ‘favourite’ the moves you want to do from one of the Collections. There’s a collection for everyone from moves that you can do sitting down and take just a few seconds each, to breathing exercises, eye health or more strenuous moves like HiiT or planks. Of why not give yourself a few minutes a few times a day a ‘floss like a boss’ – it’s great exercise and makes you feel fantastic!
When you’ve done your move, claim the Gems towards your daily target.


Join a Challenge

Challenges are fun! They last 2-21 days, and you can do them on your own or with friends and colleagues. Unlike moves from one of the Collections that take just a few seconds, Challenges take more time, but the payback is probably higher.
You could take a Yoga Challenge, join a lunchtime walking club (or take your phone with you and have a meeting), do some HiiT or, just for fun, do a dance Challenge.
Just like with Moves, claim your Gems when you’ve finished towards your daily goal of 660 gems.

Every time you reach your daily goal, you earn Community Gems.

Working from home doesn’t have to dilute your company culture!


Even if most, if not all of you are working from home, cultural beliefs and norms are still being created and reinforced, but they’re not being guided by routines that were previously established in the office.

So, create new culture-building activities online. What types of activities? Well, to some extent, it depends on what culture you want, but if you want a culture where people look after and support each other, have fun and be healthy, then running some wellbeing challenges on Moments2Move is a great place to start.

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Invite friends and colleagues to join Challenges


Track your progress towards your goals

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Happy, active teams are high performing teams

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Leaderboards that promote friendly competition

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Not ready to sign-up just yet? No problem. You can follow any Move with the green Preview button without the need to sign-up.

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About Moments2Move

Our mission is simple: to improve people’s health by getting them moving, one nudge at a time.

Sitting is really bad for us. As well as aches and pains, prolonged sitting is linked to a huge range of chronic health conditions. If you have a desk-based job, you could be spending 12 hours a day sitting down.

But, you can minimize the risk of harm by simply moving more; easy, quick, unobtrusive, but regular movements during your working day.