New Challenge. Monday is Lunge Day

New Challenge: Monday is Lunge Day

Mike Allen, 24th October. 2 min. read

If you sit all day, lunges are an amazing exercise: they help you strengthen your lower body, increase core and lower back strength AND you can get the benefits with little or no interruption to your day if you do them from A to B!

Whenever you go from A to B – from the desk to the printer, to the kitchen, to the washroom…take those steps as lunges.

That’s it. Simple, but oh so effective!

The benefits of lunges include;
Improved core stability
– Better Balance
– Stronger legs and buttocks
– Greater h
ip flexibility
– Improved
spinal health

Unsure how to do a proper lunge?

It’s important to practice lunges properly. Not doing so can put too much pressure on your joints and may result in an injury. Here’s how you must do a proper lunge:

1. Stand straight, keep your upper body straight, shoulders relaxed and chin up.
2. Keep one leg forward, lower your hips till both knees are bent at a 90 degree angle. Make sure that your knee is in line with your ankles.
3. Make sure that the other knee does not touch the floor.
4. Keep your body weight on the heels.
5. Now switch feet and repeat the same.

If that’s difficult, then do one good one rather than lots of ‘half’ ones. Don’t sweat it. The more you do them, the easier it will get.

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