Our Mission and Values

Improving people’s health by getting them moving, one nudge at a time

Moments2Move has been a product of lockdown. We, like millions of others left the office in the middle of March 2020 to start working from our kitchen table or spare bedroom…..and we may be there, at least in part, indefinitely. For some, that’ll be for the better, for others, for the worse.

Lockdown was essential to slow the spread of the disease, but it amplified other diseases – the one we’re most interested in being what doctors call the ‘sitting disease’ which is a catch-all term for all manner of complaints and conditions, but it’s an epidemic in our modern society.

As a family, we felt it first hand and one profound impact was that we hardly moved; no commute, the coffee shop was a few feet away, as was the sandwich shop because the high-street was closed – forget 10,000 steps a day, if we didn’t get out of the house for a long walk, 1000 steps was a struggle!

We’ve known for years that excess sitting (or sedentarism as doctors call it) is literally killing us, and although the pandemic is the top priority, mankind will eventually defeat Covid-19 but the physical and mental-health impact of lockdown will likely last far, far longer.

So, our mission is simple: to improve people’s health by getting them moving, one nudge at a time. But they’re just words without values to back them up.

While the business idea was formed during lockdown, we’re building the ‘new normal’ into our business and values.

Health and well-being comes first

It’s a no-brainer. It always was. Post Covid it’s essential. It’s non-negotiable for us, our employees and partners and customers.

We believe in people

With believe and trust in the people around us; our contributors, users and friends. Together we can do great things.


When we say ‘get people moving’ we mean everyone – not just to gym-goers, but the ‘never-goers’ too. The young and old, the big and small. The physically able as well as people with restricted movement. The people that need to ‘fix’ an injury and the people that just need a ‘fix’ of dopamine.

Happiness and integrity above money

We do the right thing even if it’s less profitable to do so. We are a dedicated team who are honest, trustworthy and responsible.

Oh, and while we’re doing that, we won’t screw the planet

We’ll never travel to a meeting let alone get on a plane for business, and we offset the carbon we generate by running servers to do business.