How Routines and Rituals Can Improve Your Day

How Routines and Rituals Can Improve Your Day

Control your day, don’t let it control you.
Hester, 2 min. read

We are governed by routines. Humans like routines. They give us structure.

If you’re an employee, to a greater or lesser extent, your life is governed by other people’s routines – the team meeting or stand-up, the weekly or monthly report, the SLAs, the KPIs that govern your work.

Routines build habits because, again, humans like predictability – we like what to expect each day.

Rituals however help us take control of our day

The last time I was an office worker, I commuted by train. The train times therefore determined my routine around my working hours, but then rituals took over. I followed the same process every day that took me from desk to sitting on the train.

I certainly don’t miss the commute – most people will say that the time they’ve gained when working from home because there’s no commute is a good thing, but there’s value in the ritual that effectively closes one door on the day, and opens another. It mentally disconnects us from our work day and our non-work day.

So if you are having trouble disconnecting from work when working from home – if you’re feeling burnt out, then I’d strongly recommend you think about defining a new ritual to help you disconnect.

My solution? I shut my laptop, put the lead on the dog and go for a walk, then come back, roll-out my yoga mat and do the Daily Afternoon Yoga Challenge. I find it hugely valuable.

Your ritual is your ritual, but don’t underestimate the value of rituals in taking control of your day.

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